The Best Productivity App For University Students

free office for students

It’s back to school. Do you have classes at school or at your home this year? An excellent productivity app will help you save time and study efficiently no matter where you live.

WPS Office is an all in one, free office for students that works on Android, iOS and macOS. One software is required to install Writer(Word), Spreadsheet (Excel), Presentation (PPT), and PDF. WPS Office is ranked among the top productivity apps in many countries. Let’s see how WPS Office can help you in your studies!

  1. Prepare a presentation

Group presentations are a valuable experience at your university. A presentation is a great way to practice your illustration skills and learn the value of teamwork. Group cooperation is crucial. Especially during the pandemic, many of you are still studying from home, especially in times like these. You can collaborate with your classmates by using wps documents. It is now easier to communicate. It is not necessary to send and receive files again. Multiple people can view and modify the files at once, and edit records can also be kept. Templates can also make your presentation standout among the rest. There are 5000+ templates available on wps. No matter your major, everyone can find their favorite template. Diagrams make it easier for teachers and classmates to grasp the key points.

  1. Your pocket E-textbook

College students are increasingly using e-textbooks. E-textbooks offer more benefits than traditional textbooks. E-textbooks are cheaper and more environmental-friendly. E-textbooks can be saved to any device and carried around with you. wps office supports multi-device use. Simply save your file to the wps cloud and you can access your textbook from different devices. You can also edit the same file on multiple devices without having to transfer it. You may need to edit and annotate your e-textbook. An e-textbook can be saved in pdf format. WPS Office offers fully functional pdf tools that allow you to annotate and edit your e-textbook. A power converter tool allows you to convert to any format.

  1. Create a resume

If you are in the graduation season. Writing a resume makes you a headache. A great resume should have many components and rules. Your strengths and work experience can be described in a few sentences. Are you looking for a professional resume editor? It will help you create a professional resume, format it with professional words, and decorate it. OUResume can help you organize your resume. You can improve your resume from many perspectives.

A powerful tool can help you save time when studying. Your identity as a student is also taken into consideration. WPS Office can be downloaded for free and used as your best study buddy!

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